Design/Build Architecture
As a design/build architectural firm, Bercy Chen Studio has experience taking projects from the drawing board through final occupancy. Since the beginning, we have recognized the importance of not only designing a project, but of managing and directing its construction. Our team of craftsmen include welders, painters, glass fabricators, cabinet-makers, framers, and roofers; we are constantly expanding the areas of our expertise and developing new building systems. This design approach gives us a clear understanding of the challenges and possibilities inherent in architectural design. Because of our hands-on approach to building and our experience seeing projects through to the end, we are able to push the envelope of building systems and techniques. The time spent overseeing the construction process help us design efficient and elegant projects, while our craftsmen in the field allow us to build innovative systems to tight tolerances. The end result of this process is a refined and highly integrated approach to design.

Bercy Chen Studio and Avant Guardist Specialty Fabrication install custom window glazing of various types. Bercy Chen Studio has developed multiple glazing techniques which allow us to build projects with large glazed openings, connecting interior spaces to their surroundings. Our experience with glazing now extends from fritted building ‘skins’ and large operable openings to custom glass doors and butt-glazed ribbon windows.

Pool Design+Construction
Bercy Chen Studio and Avant Guardist Specialty Fabrication offers full service swimming pool design, construction and maintenance services. Working directly with the client in the design phase, we provide design sketches, construction documents, and pricing estimates. During the engineering phase we bring our experience to bear in working with the engineer to ensure a rational and economic structural system for the pool shell and subsurface support. Our systems engineering experience allows us to design and implement custom features such as swim jets, spa jets, and specialty plumbing. Our architectural and construction experience permit us to design and build exacting details, custom elements, and high-end finishes and to integrate them seamlessly with existing conditions.

Water Features
Bercy Chen Studio also designs and installs a wide variety of custom water features. In a hot climate the presence of water is a time honored way of providing cooling, both physical and psychological. Utilizing our architectural experience, Bercy Chen Studio often uses water features to animate and transform exterior spaces. The fabrication and pool construction expertise of Avant Guardist Specialty Fabrication allow us to implement solutions out of the range of most landscaping companies. Additionally, we utilize a specialty water-membrane to provide a high quality, warrantied water-proofing product.